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Download Syberia 2 Ita Pc Gratis Janyphy

, we already found the truth. lol sorry, just can't believe what I'm reading peter___: you're right about the wubi install, however if the normal install fails do a clean install using wubi it's just so weird Artemis3: no, i have to select the desktop environment after login. my problem is this, my desktop setting was changed during the installation. but i'm not sure whether it's set to gnome or unity mrp, yes it is on a different hard drive... and I have tried every version of winboot I can find it's not working Artemis3: so what do I do if I want to use gnome clarity: you can only install windows inside ubuntu from a cd. You can't install windows on a linux disk. clarity, you are supposed to ask you have a special needs, for that stuff, you are better of using a live usb, just "sudo dd if=/path/to/your.iso of=/dev/sda" how do I select it codfection, it is saved in ~/.dmrc codfection: it will be saved in your session, so it'll be there next time you log in clarity: do you have another distro to try on that partition? mrp: so how can I install the normal way, and then remove everything? Artemis3, that's not an option, the machine in question doesn't have a cd drive Artemis3: session... codfection, there is a system setting under system/preferences peter___: you can run windows using virtualbox clarity, any usb? :P you know you can always install grub on another partition, so it can boot it if you have more than 2 drives clarity, but you don't need that to boot windows. you can boot it from grub i have this g

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